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Surprise Box

Surprise Box

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What's in the Surprise Box? Well.. it's a surprise! But I can tell you it will contain 3 DVDS of your choice, 1 magazine, some autographed/personalized pics just for you.. and other stuff. If I know you, I will personalize this special package depending on what I know about you..

If not, I ask you some questions, like what type of scenes you prefer (solo, g/g, b/g, gonzo, features, romantic sex, rough sex, etc.) and if you are interested in the 8x10 pics and which you like the most, etc.. you can be as general or as specific as you want, I am trying to send you EXACTLY what you want, at a a cheap cost!

These packages are my absolute favorite to send to my fans, and they are ALWAYS super excited at what I sent them!:) 

Relax and let ME choose what I think will satisfy you, you won't be disappointed!:)

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