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Spoil/Spoil Back Prize Package

Spoil/Spoil Back Prize Package

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So I thought I would have some fun with this one.. Let's TREAT EACH OTHER, shall we?:) I always like to show my appreciation and "spoil back" anybody who buys me a gift or spends money on me. Some people like to ask "what specifically will the spoil back present me?" And that always depends on several things.. who they are, how well I know them, what their preference is, how much money they spent and how, etc..

Well right now I am in need of some much needed essentials, like dog food and stuff for my home, and stuff for upcoming photoshoots.. they aren't cheap and I will take/I need all of the help I can get with outfits, accessories, etc..

So from now on, if you "spoil me" by buying a gift from my amazon wishlist, OR you make a purchase of $250 or more from this online store, I will send you a package in return with merchandise; DVDs, magazines, panties, pics, etc equaling the exact amount you spent on me! Either you can pick, anything you like from my store, or let me surprise you with a naughty, fun filled package. You can even make a general request, such as let mew know what kind of scenes you enjoy the best.. b/g, g/g, solo, gonzo, feature, etc.. and I will put the package together for you, with love!:)

If I don't know you and this is your 1st time making a purchase or buying me a gift, I will send this package after I physically get whatever it is you sent me, (due to too many scammers who have burned me in the past.) If I know you well, just send me proof of your purchase, and the package will be in the mail within the next 3 days!

I PROMISE you you won't be disappointed with what I send you! This way, we can spend money on, and spoil each other in a very special way!

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