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Produce an entire shoot day!

Produce an entire shoot day!

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Shoots for my website are expensive. And I need to shoot 5 scenes a month! But, they are literally my favorite thing to do. And I know my scenes make many people happy, which makes ME very happy!

Would you like to direct an entire shoot day of mine, and have the whole World see it?

For you to help me produce an entire day of shooting, not only would it be SO entirely helpful, but you will always be a part of, because the 2 scenes we "write" together will forever be on my website!

This is what you will be receiving in exchange:

I will shoot hours of behind the scenes footage while I'm in hair/makeup, while we shoot pics, in between scenes, and me in the shower, at the end of the day! These videos will be for YOUR eyes only, and I can send them to you the day after the shoot. I will also share ALL of the pics from both scenes with you long before they are posted anywhere (usually 2-3 months)

You can also direct me if you want.. Meaning.. you can tell me what I will be wearing, saying, and doing! (Or, I could send you a list of 4 or 5 of my best scene ideas, and let you choose the 2 you like the most)

You can dress me, direct me, and write the script!:)

I will also send you the panties, OR the entire outfit I wear in at least 1 of the scenes. (still smelling like me, of course;)

I will also mail you 5 free DVDs of your choice from my collection, or, if you can't receive mail, we can certainly work something else out:)

You might be surprised to find out that porn shoots are expensive, here is a breakdown of the costs:

location, photographer, his PA, and makeup artist for the day: $1650

Those are the bare minimums costs, I usually also pay for wardrobe, shell out about $50 buying the entire crew lunch, and I pay an extra $100 for the pictures to be edited (color corrected, etc) There are other costs here and there too, obviously..

BUT.. I would ONLY ask for the $1650. I can def take care of the rest, if I have the basic financial requirements.

It would be an amazing help for me, my website, and a fun project for the both of us.. Plus, how many times do you get to choose, dress, and direct a porn scene?:)

Also, if you want it to be a b/g or g/g scene, that can probably be arranged, depending on who you want to see me with. So obv the price would go up a bit, so I can pay the other performer.


If you are considering purchasing a shoot day for me, I would suggest you email me BEFORE you make the purchase, so we can discuss and plan details and make sure I can make your specific fantasies come true!;)

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