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Custom Video-contact me before placing order! Read entire description please:)

Custom Video-contact me before placing order! Read entire description please:)

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Custom videos are a special thing some porn girls offer to their fans. It’s a way for the fans to get exactly the type of scene they want, from the girl that they want, for their eyes only!

But alas, it is something I haven’t had much time for these past few years. I have said NO to about 95% of the questions/inquiries over the last 2 years, simply because I didn’t have the time.. and it didn’t help that I didn’t exactly have all of the right equipment to make it easy enough for me to take the time to shoot and edit myself, and justify it.

But.. I missed doing it. And I’ve been starting to get a LOT of inquiries. I hate telling you guys no. And I love shooting custom vids! So now I’ve got a better grip on my schedule, I find a week or two a month where I COULD have time to shoot it, so I try to announce it ahead of time, and take 3 or 4 requests, then I’m not avail again for a month or so.

I have never publicly posted my custom video prices, and I feel pretty weird doing it. Some girls do, some don’t, and I understand why both decide to do it that way. Some have a sliding scale depending on the acts requested in the video.. So I’m going to change how I’ve been doing it, answering emails/DMs/inquiries individually, and many times going back and forth 10 times, only to have wasted my time. And like I said, I’ve been getting way more questions about it that usual, and now for the next 2 weeks is the perfect time for me to shoot a few, if anybody wants them.. So here is an email reply I just sent a member of, I figured, eh, why the hell not, I will just post it publicly, and see if that helps. And knowing me, I might change my mind posting these prices and details by tomorrow, so read up now while you can LOL!

I hope this answers some questions for those of you considering purchasing custom porn from me. Every girl does it differently, we all have our own “style..” This is mine:

 My custom videos are usually $550 for a 15 min video, or $600 cut into 2 8 min videos.

BUT.. for members of, I give huge discounts on everything (I also have a permanent discount code for my online store for members, if you’re ever interested in that, let me know, you can use it even after you stop being a member, if you would ever do such a bad thing! LOL!)
So for members,, it’s $400 for a 15min video, $420 for 2 10min clips. You can add an extra $50 for anything anal (I have my fingers, MANY buttplugs, or I can fuck myself with a toy..I can even DP myself with 2 toys if you want)

So, non-members:
15 min solo video= $550
15 min solo video with anal= $600
2 8min videos= $600
2 8min videos with anal=$650 members:
15 min video= $400
15min video with anal= $450
2 10min videos= $420
2 10 min videos with anal= $470

And you can choose the following: what I wear, what I say, the setting: on a couch, a bed, the floor, or on my kitchen counter. The way I masturbate, positions and the toy, or no toy (fingers) You can be as specific or general as you want, and I can include 5 custom pics taken from my phone just for you, which I will email to you before you get the video, so you get a sneak-peek!:) If you want a different location than that, for example: outdoors, by a pool, or a hotel room, or a fancy shower or bathtub, I will have to rent a location, which is completely doable, but will add another $400-550 to the overall price, and can only be done when I have the time..just something to keep in mind-just CONTACT ME BEFORE MAKING THE PURCHASE so we can work out specifics and I can book the perfect location and let you know the schedule on that. I can usually make it happen within 2 weeks or less!)

Also, it will never be posted anywhere on the internet, except for a link I will send to your email. This custom scene will be for YOUR EYES ONLY!!:)

If you want a girl/girl custom scene, I can also do that, but it’s an extra $500, to pay her, and there’s really only 3 girls I can get for sure. So if you want something different than the solo video I described above, you need to contact me first, BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER, so I can be sure I can make your wish come true;)

As far as shooting schedule, I can usually get your video shot within a week, at MOST 2 weeks, if you ask me about my schedule ahead of time, we can work it out. I will also only take 3 or 4 orders at a time, so there might be a wait.. so again CONTACT ME BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER so we can figure out a timeframe for me to shoot your video and get it to you!:)

Please let me know what you’re thinking, and Ill reply ASAP:) We can iron out what you want, discuss if I’m capable of all of it, set a solid price, and get the ball rolling! Then you can get your balls rolling! (ok, corny, weird joke, I know)

Custom porn is one of my fav things to do in the porn industry! I love acting out other people’s fantasies!

Aaliyah Love XOXO <3

you can email me here to discuss the custom order you've been thinking of, perfectly tailored to your sexual wants and needs!;) Serious inquiries, only, please:)

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