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Aaliyah's Poker Room - Deck of Cards

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This one is pretty special, one of my top fans had these custom playing cards made for his pinup themed poker room. When I saw them, I knew I had to have some for my online store! I only have a limited number of decks right now and it will take some time to get more, so if you want one (or one each of red and blue;) you better order now! Each deck comes packaged in a clear plastic case.

Because my paypal was shut down, (screw you paypal!) I can only accept payment in the form of amazon gift certificates or money orders at this time. But an amazon e-gift certificate sent to my email is very simple to purchase, and you do not need any sort of membership with them to get it.

Here is the link for the amazon gift card:

and you send it to

Once I receive it, I will email you back and ask you for your address, and your package will go out the next day!:)

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